Car financing is not as hard as you may think it is. In fact, with Pointe Financial, it's pretty easy.
How Car Financing Works

How It Works

If you’ve never purchased a new car before, you may want to get some insight in to how the process works. Even if you have gone through the car financing process, you should read on as you’ll see Pointe Financial does things a little different in our effort to make everything more convenient for our customers.

Typically, your car loan will last somewhere between 48-72 months, giving you plenty of time to get it paid off. Remember that the longer your loan term, the more interest that accumulates. As you’re probably aware, the most common way to purchase a new vehicle is to get car financing through the dealership you shop at. However, in recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the questionable financing rates that many dealers are offering. That’s why getting your auto loan or car financing before shopping for a new car has become a growing trend. It’s a way to set a limit for you and set a limit that the dealer will have to work to stay under. By taking care of your car financing first, you’ll almost certainly get a lower interest rate than the dealer has to offer and you’ll save yourself the hassle of negotiating with them. With Pointe Financial, you’ll get all of those benefits, along with the convenience of getting your auto loan online!

Save yourself time and stress by getting car financing right now with Pointe Financial. You can apply in minutes and we’ll have your money for you in just a few short days. Why finance through a dealer and end up paying thousands of dollars extra over the course of your loan? Our company is dedicated in getting you the best possible interest rate on your car loan and with our state of the art web site, you can be approved immediately. We understand the risks involved with putting your information out there these days, which is why we have one of the most highly secured web sites online. You can rest assure that we’ve taken every precaution necessary to keep your information safe. Aren’t very computer literate? That’s OK! It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in technology, but Pointe Financial is here to help with a team of customer support specialists that can walk you through the online process. Don’t delay! If you need help financing your new car, apply with Pointe Financial today!

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