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Before you ever go to a dealership and start car shopping there are some things you should do first. One of the most important things when looking for a new car is to come prepared. Dealerships make a lot of money taking advantage of unprepared and unknowledgeable customers. Make sure you’re ready by taking a look at some of our tips about car shopping before you take the plunge:

  • Experience car buyers will tell you that getting car financing before you go car shopping is the best way to pay for your car. By getting car financing first, you’ll have a set spending limit for yourself, but more importantly, you’ll have a set limit for your dealer as well. Dealerships don’t always offer the best financing rates either, especially when compared to Pointe Financial!
  • Unless their offering a great deal, don’t get pulled in to a warranty on your car at the dealership. The warranties dealers offer aren’t usually that great and you can find less expensive ones online now.
  • Check out online reviews of dealerships. You may find that certain dealerships are much more highly recommended than others. This can make the buying process a more enjoyable experience.
  • Research the cars you’re interested in before you go anywhere. Hopefully you’ll come up with a couple models you like, but also know the general things you’re looking for in a vehicle (gas mileage, cargo room, horsepower, etc.)
  • Shop when you can take advantage of prices or deals. If possible, wait to do your car shopping until there is a holiday coming up, this is when many dealers will offer incentives or lower prices. Another good time to shop is at the end of the month, which is when employees might have to meet their sales quotas. A dealer may be willing to bend a little more in order to meet a sales quota.
  • In order to get the best price on your car, you’ll have to be willing to haggle with your dealer a little bit. The art of negotiation doesn’t come easy for many people, but you can still go in to the dealership knowing the average costs of the vehicle you’re interested in, that way you don’t get tricked in to over paying.

Once you find your car you are going to want to finance it. Here is how car financing works.

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