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Are you tired of driving around your old used car? Maybe you’re sick of all the repairs an older car requires? Regardless of your reason for looking for a new car, you’ll probably need help in paying for it. Very few people can purchase a new vehicle without some sort of financial assistance, which is why most people get car financing. With car financing you’ll be able to purchase the kind of car you want today and it pay it off gradually over time. Unfortunately, there are lenders and dealerships that will try to take advantage of your need for an auto loan, usually by charging you over the top interest rates. It happens to new car buyers every day, but at Pointe Financial, we’ve made a name for ourselves by offering low rates on car financing to all customers, regardless of credit.

We’ve seen the interest rates offered by other car financing companies, 19%, 20%, 22% - rates that will end up costing you thousands in the long run. Many of these companies offer several different types of loans and financing, like mortgages and student loans, all just looking to make a quick buck. Unlike those companies, Pointe Financial focuses on car financing and car financing only. By not spreading resources across different areas, we’re able to give our customers the personalized service and low rates they deserve. It’s also how we can still get our customers with bad credit approved for a low financing rate.

At Pointe Financial, we believe getting auto financing shouldn’t be a hassle to the customer, so we let you get your car loan online! Most people end up getting their auto loan through the dealership they buy their car at. But this isn’t usually the wisest decision, as most dealers will look to inflate the price of their loans and take advantage of customers. We offer much more competitive rates than dealerships, all with the convenience of never having to leave your home! When you’re ready to start shopping for a new car, don’t wait to get car financing through a dealer, get the money you need today with Pointe Financial!

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